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Talent Management

We’re here to empower our talent. What’s best for you? Where do you want to go? How do you want to grow? Our partnership goes further than a handshake and a contract.

Branding And Partnership Opportunities

We are uniquely positioned to offer dynamic marketing solutions to brands. With our segmented approach you can work with specific creators that fit your needs, building trustworthy relationships along the way.

Owned Content

We’re delivering owned and operated content through authentic stories. We want to pioneer meaningful narratives that spark conversation and resonate with the audience.


Advancement is key. With our in-house, one-of-a-kind growth predicting algorithm we can be more precise than ever before when it comes to uncovering new and talented creators.

Community network

No one gets to the top alone. We’re elevating and accelerating the entertainment careers of hundreds of creators through our community network -- and everyone can join, learn, and cross-promote with any talent in our network.


The "F2K United MTG Invitational" was the first tournament run by F2K, partnered with Twitch and Wizards of the Coast, around showcasing the diverse nature of the gaming space with a tournament for players of all walks of life and fame.

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